First and most importantly, be sure you and your students are willing to dedicate time and energy to the 10 week mini contest period. Students may connect from home or school, even during holidays. Teachers should communicate with each other at least 2-3 times each week.

Here is a link to the registration form:

Now what?
Before teams are announced it would be a good idea to do a short lesson in Netiquette (net etiquette).
Be sure also, that your students are aware of Internet Safety, and the difference between personal and private information. Many schools have a set policy or lesson for this, but do emphasize never sharing your exact home address, email, phone number, etc. GVC has gathered some Safety Resources.

Once Teams are announced:
  1. Teacher immediately send off a welcome email to other teacher(s)
  2. Within two, three days, students have joined their designated team space on Edmodo. If you have young students, insist they give you there password; at least one or two will loose or forget it. We do not have a copy of any passwords, so it's a hassle. We have to give the student a new identity.
  3. Find out where your partners are. Where is easy. A Google Map is a good idea.
  4. Find out when your partners are. When can be easy too, but you may need a short lesson in world time.
  5. Here is a very convenient tool for that: (Compact view shows digital clocks.)
  6. Develop a plan with partners and begin!
If you plan first, things work out much better in the end!

Image: [CC, by Frits Ahlefel