Google Images are NOT copyright free!

When you do a Google Images search it brings up thumbnails of all the images named or tagged with your "search criteria". Google if very careful to let you know that these images MAY be copyrighted!

All images used for GVC should be Public Domain or under a Creative Commons license that allows use, or best of all, original images taken by participants. Any other images needs a letter or email from the copyright owner that the image may be used.

Here are some examples of where to find the information

Photos from Wikimedia - Attribution is now easier than ever!

Wikimedia easy attribution!
Click the "html" button next to attribution and copy/paste it into your credits.
Example for above link: By Leffler, Warren K. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Now THAT is easy!

Walking Image: [CC, by Frits Ahlefeldt]

Don't walk around in circles; copyright can be easy!

Photos from Pics4Learning

Each image has under it a category called bibliography.
Just copy that and you're good to go.

For example this bald eagle image found at:
Credit would be:
Lau, Steve. eaglehead01.jpg. July 24, 2004. Pics4Learning. 6 Jan 2011 <>

Pics4Lerning automatically includes the date on which you found or downloaded the image, in this on you can see "6 Jan 2011". I accessed it on January 6 of 2011.

Clipart in animations, presentations, Scratch, or just to illustrate a point.
Using in Presentation or Scratch programs:
Credit with a statement such as: Clip Art images are public domain from WpClipart,