Students will work on collaborative projects, learn to create Websites, experiment with multimedia, or simply participate in discussions. Exchange artwork, poetry, stories or essays. Teach each other about your culture, festivals and communities. Original work is highly valued when sites are assessed.

Together we can do anything! Image: {{CC, by Frits Ahlefeldt}}

Theme for 2017-18 School Year: Embracing our Differences
Site which can inspire: You'll find great lesson plans also to help the students with this theme. Differences are not only cultural, but can be religious, social, physical, etc.

In a classic Children's Literature book, "Pepito's Story", by Eugene Fern, grandmother has a little rhyme she tells Pepito (who loves to spend his time dancing):
"If every child were like every other,
You wouldn't know who was your sister or brother'
And if every flower looked just the same,
"Flower" would have to be each flower's name."

A summary of the story can be found here:

Want to see more examples? Be inspired by Dr. Seuss:

One idea would be for a student in one school to write a poem, find a great quote, or create their own 'great' quote, and the other school to illustrate this. OR, the other way around. One student draws their idea and another says what this drawing means or inspires. Then the original artist, poet, etc. can go back and add to or agree with the words or illustrations of the others.

Certainly the students will come up with even more great ideas around this theme!