Students will work on collaborative projects, learn to create Websites, experiment with multimedia, or simply participate in discussions. They can design and carry out international surveys and analyze the results. Do scientific or historical research with partner schools. Exchange artwork, poetry, stories or essays. Teach each other about your culture, festivals and communities. Original work is highly valued when sites are assessed.

Together we can do anything! Image: {{CC, by Frits Ahlefeldt}}

Suggest themes for September 5 - November 25:
  • Collaborate with partners to choose your own theme
    Be sure that all schools agree. Since the work period is very short, this should be accomplished within the first 8-10 days!
  • Elder Citizens in my country
    Do they live alone at home, in a retirement home, in an extended family?
    Are they valued for their life experience? How?
    Can you do video interviews with Elders about their youth? their schooling? their work? their life now? What can YOU do for the elder citizens?
  • Hobbies
    Great for getting those creative and innovative processes working. Take photos, videos. Share programming skills. Explain hobby and what it entails. Find what hobbies others have that you'd like to try.... How does your hobby influence others?
  • Unsung Heroes
    Who are the people living all around you who are heroes? Don't look for Spider Man or Wonder Woman; look in your neighborhood, your schools, your city? What makes a hero? Are you one? What can you do for these local heroes?
  • Gender Bias
    Lot of talk around this issue. At the very simplest level, have you ever been grouped boys against girls? Is such a thing fair? Why or why not? What other bias do you know? How do you react? What needs to be understood or done or changed or noted.How can you help those affected by gender bias?