Each three months there will be a new mini web contest. Each time period is separate and does not overlap into any other time periods. However, if you are having a great experience with your partner school(s) and want to work with them again during another time period, just request it. Don't request this without asking the other school(s) first.

Mini Web Contest Time Divisions:

September 5 - November 25

February 1 - April 15

June 1 - August 15
Each participant will receive a certificate of participation.

Schools who complete their work in the time provided will receive a Gold Star Award, a Silver Star Award, or a Bronze Star Award. These awards are in the form of printable certificates in a format that allows you to personalize for individual students.

There can be multiple awardees in gold, silver and bronze. You may print and frame if you desire; all certificates are sent by way of email. Look below for examples.