Mini Web Contest for K-12 Classes

MINI GVC is a compressed version of GVC Contest in which students from various countries supervised by their Teacher Facilitators would represent their schools to create a collaborative website on a topic of world interest. The Mini contest is open for approximately 10 weeks at a time within the year. The contest is open for students from K-12 schools around the world. Groups are assigned by GVC, and may consist of anywhere from 2-4 schools.

In the 2017-18 school year, there will be a general theme for ALL groups to follow: "Embracing our Differences". (See more information from the menu to the right under the tab "Project Theme".

Contributions can be text, illustrations, multimedia, recorded/textual discussions, interviews, etc all original /created by the participants themselves. Copyright rules have to be strictly followed while utilizing content (text /illustrations/photos/videos etc) from another website. Attributions and Citations are a must for every post in the website.

Results shall be announced usually within a month of completion and winners will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Star Certificates. Assessment will be based on Creativity/Originality, Social Responsibility, Team Spirit, Technical Skill and Copyright compliance.

Features of MINI-GVC
  • Perfect for schools with time constraints.
  • Acquire new technical skills and improve existing talents.
  • Improve and acquire collaborative communication skills.
  • Understand and appreciate social, physical, and cultural differences.
  • One school can participate in one or more time period.
  • One school can register more than one group in a single time period.
  • Want more? Move on to the GVC six month contest.

Have Questions?
Project Manager - lakshmi.srinivas@gsbi.org

Program Manager - jbarnstable@gsbi.org

This program is a project of Give Something Back International Foundation. www.gsbi.org